“Scarcity of resources is a mindset. We live in an abundance of opportunities.”

Dr. Plamen Russev

Dr. Plamen Russev is serial entrepreneur, investor, futurist, and philanthropist with over 30 years experience in tech and investments (direct and as LP).

  • Plamen Russev is an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions, and entrepreneurship 
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Healthcare Management with thesis focused on AI and Digital Solutions for Managing Health and Social Challenges.
  • Executive Chairman of Webit Foundation, best known for its Founders Games $6 million award for impact innovation with Grand Finals in Davos and at the UN's COP

This image showcases Nasdaq's tribute to Webit and Dr. Russev for their exceptional impact on global innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • His work and accomplishments have been featured in various media outlets worldwide, including The Economist, Monocle, Bloomberg, CNBCe, Forbes, Venture Beat, Arabian Business, Al Jazeera, and CNN.

  • Founder & Executive Board Member of the publicly listed investment company Webit Investment Network (BSE: WIN), turning hundreds of retail investors into impact investors and inventing new financial tools for creating a desirable, sustainable, resilient future.
  • He developed a concept for intelligent specialization of Central and Eastern European countries, which was published by the World Economic Forum.

Dr. Plamen Russev developed a concept for intelligent specialization of Central and Eastern European countries

  • He has built and nurtured an influential Webit community of over 1 million digerati, founders, policymakers, investors, and entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving a positive impact on humanity. Additionally, he hosts the widely attended annual Webit forums worldwide.
  • Plamen has received numerous awards and accolades by governments, universities and NGOs including two Doctor Honoris Causa titles by universities in Europe and South America; he was named among the top 100 innovators of New Europe by the Financial Times and Google; received awards by the Government of New Zealand among the others.

  • Dr. Russev is a founding member of the European Commission’s Blockchain Observatory and Forum and has served as an Evaluator and Faculty Member, at the Medical School of Harvard University.
  • He serves on the boards of several companies, universities, and NGOs, including his Alma Mater, Board of Trustees.
  • Dr. Russev is dedicated to supporting the creation of a sustainable, resilient, and desirable future through the Founders Games startup (early-growth) program and competition. This initiative identifies, evaluates, endorses, funds, and supports the growth of impact entrepreneurs who are generating social and environmental change while building successful businesses.
    It is a fact that investing in all companies that made it to the Founders Games finals for the past 7 years would have resulted in a 6x financial gain.

  • Author of the best-seller "Power to the People" which explores social media's impact on society and brand communication.


  • Doctor Honoris Causa
    of VFU, Bulgaria
  • Doctor Honoris Causa
    of UDABOL, Bolivia
  • Top 3 Blockchain Investor for 2018 by CCForum
  • Awarded by Financial Times, Google, Respublica and Vishegrad Fund among the 100 New Europe Innovators.
  • Special Awards for overal commitment to the develpment of the digital economy of Bulgaria by BWA.
  • Award by the Government
    of New Zealand.
  • A number of international Digital Industry awards.
  • Best Selling Author - business literature for the book Power to the People.
  • Award by the Bulgarian Economic Forum.